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Specializes in Construction Site Hoarding Print. Construction site hoardings serve several unique purposes for a building project, no matter how big or small in scope it might be.

These hoardings serve to maintain the confidentiality, safety, security, and privacy of the work site and the project. It also serves to give the public a good first impression about the project that is coming up as well as about the construction company and other brands that are involved with the project. The printed hoardings help educate and inform the public about the project. A well designed printed site hoarding board can also be great promotional material that helps to increase interest in the project and can even help increase sales.

 Material  £/m² orders < 10 m² £/m² orders between 11-100 m² £/m² orders > 100 m²
Aluminium Composite Panels (ACM) £55.00 £40.00 £32.00
ACM + Anti Graffiti Laminate £65.00 £50.00 £38.00
Temporary Hoarding Correx Panel  £35.00 £30.00 £25.00
Temporary Hoarding Foamex 3mm Panel  £45.00 £35.00 £30.00

Advertising hoarding Company can also be used in these construction hoardings to serve a 2-in-1 purpose. So while they offer security and safety for the project and its workers, they can also be used to advertise the project through its vibrant images and graphics. Imagine the message that goes across if the hoardings are boring and dull and even damaged! These say a lot about the quality of the company at work so it is important the hoardings be neat, clean, and vibrant.

World-class construction site hoarding graphics reflect the world class quality of the company  too. That is why Hoarding Print London is dedicated to creating and designing the best hoardings for the construction industry. We use the latest and most innovative materials that are strong and durable yet flexible enough to be printed upon with colorful graphics that make an unforgettable visual impact. Our team of graphic designers works closely with our clients to create a visual and graphics that reflects the brand 100% and relays its message across to the public clearly and attractively.

We use the latest machinery, printing technology and tools to create these hoardings that will make any project stand out from the rest. Our years of experience in this field combined with our passion and talent for the visual arts makes us the right company to create Printed Hoarding Boards that serve multiple purposes, thus making great value for money!

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    Printed aluminium Composite panel (Dibond)
    A lightweight, 100% recyclable,
    Aluminium Panel with plastic centre
    Thickness: 3mm
    Gloss or Matt Laminate
    Max print width: 1500mm

    Technical – Hoarding Drawing

    Dibond – Aluminum composite