This amazing redevelopment of Hoarding printing Battersea is a continuous effort. Printing and installing huge perimeter hoarding at the site. Not only makes the place happy and awesome. But it also prevents unauthorized access to one of the largest regeneration projects in Europe. It does more than just standing a tall project and sparkling the ongoing people’s eyes. It serves as a real-time history lesson.  This exquisite hoarding is keeping the iconic structure alive.

This is by far the best way to promote any project or business. Hoarding culture goes back to several years ago. Certainly not a new thing and indeed not outdated too. This decade-old form of advertisement still works like no other means.

Let’s dive into some of its features below:


Looking at the perimeter of this site, it is obvious that this was no easy task to do. Since the effort and the nature of the task requires precise attention and exact calculations. The management did a great job in placing this amazing hoarding printing Battersea, giving an idyllic view.

From the building site, fencing, security gates and most importantly keeping the general public safe from the ongoing construction work. This all was looked after to place the history artifacts safely on it. Carrying its prestigious past. These were kept safe behind clear acrylic are ceramic resistors, relays, amp meters, and switchboards, once used to power London. Sign-in books and original signage tells the stories of the workers, who kept on burning coals there and kept London lit. This became a brand that the whole of London can see today.


Hoarding printing Battersea was installed in phases because of its size and the huge construction work. There were many added things to look after such as the site workers’ safety, the pedestrians and vehicles in the busy London area.

It was printed in large format Dibond panels on a dust 250 flatbed machine. Which Marries high-resolution color then matched with UV printing and speed. Also, some printed graphics are applied to sections of the hoarding, giving it an awesome view for the public.

Precise work

The hoarding printing Battersea is then sealed and compared with kicking and capping. The matt lamination gives the panels a classy look, corroborating vibe and development energy. The whole process is very carefully carried out to give the hoarding a professional and classy look. To mesmerize the people around.


These hoardings are the best form of advertisement to this date. Promoting your projects on these famous sites can boost your business leading to more attracted customers. The hoarding is dealt with much care and precision to avoid any small mistakes. Keeping in mind the public safety and the amount of excellent hard-work that is involved.

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